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Mobility has transformed the way businesses operate today through providing organizations more opportunity and flexibility to engage more effectively with their workforce as well as improve their workflow by automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

However, with mobile apps on the rise, workplaces are becoming more and more shaped by the demands of a mobile workforce with having to build connections across teams within a dispersed community, manage a variety of devices and applications, retain consistent security standards and create more ease-of-use and simplicity for employees. As a result, organizations and their executives are in need of solutions to better manage their field employees, office staff and back-office systems and functions, while also providing them access to the critical information needed to effectively conduct business.

Stepping forward to meet these demands, Gurgaon headquartered Tweedle Technologies Pvt Ltd. brings a people-centric Cloud-based SaaS mobile app, to help organizations better engage their diverse, disconnected and distributed workforce.

Incepted in 2016, Tweedle Technologies was founded by Ashish Tewari, a banker who began his first entrepreneurial venture in 2009 with Fusion Microfinance which is now amongst the top 10 microfinance institutions in the country. Post selling his stake to a US-based Private Equity Fund, Ashish also co-founded Altum Credo Home Finance to cater to the affordable housing finance space.

Recognizing that the absence of structured communication and a well-defined engagement strategy could lead to weak engagements and a higher attrition rate within organizations, Ashish incepted Tweedle Technologies to address the challenges that he faced in his previous ventures and professional assignments. Built to address these challenges, Tweedle now stands as an employee engagement solution that helps organizations align, communicate with and connect their employees while also determining their satisfaction levels, thereby identifying high impact employees and bringing a higher level of engagement within the organization.

“In today’s world, where 40% of the workforce consists of the millennial population who seek agility and transparency in communication, Tweedle has created the concept of measuring the engagement level within organizations, to enable them to communicate with their human capital on a real-time basis,” affirms Ashish, Founder & Managing Director, Tweedle Technologies.

Recognizing the need of today’s businesses for state-of-the-art mobile communications to stay connected with their employees, Tweedle’s SaaS mobile app serves as a platform to track workforce and improve their productivity, through consistently measuring and improving employee engagement. With modules for instant messaging, notifications & announcements, Geo-tagging and attendance, Feedback and surveys, Recognition and Workflows, this app allows organizations to define workflows for specific events as well as share policies and announcements to notify employees as and when they are created, while also allowing employees access to group chats and peer-to-peer discussions. Furthermore, Tweedle’s mobile app platform also incorporates a Happiness Index, to help organizations determine their employees’ satisfaction and recognize their achievements with rewards in the form of certificates and badges.

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