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Food for thought – Are we moving towards a developed nation or towards stone age?


While we are moving towards better life, smart cities, better education, robotics, Machine Learning, AI, Space travel, Social Media, Smart Phones, etc. as human beings are we moving towards a culture that clearly shows an absence of humanity, knowledge and empathy?

There is a difference in ‘human being’ and ‘being human’.

What are we doing wrong as citizens that the criminal minds instead of hiding, are continuing with their horrific deeds. Are they not scared of being caught? Or are they so confident that their political connections can save them from ‘kanoon ke lambe hath’ (law) that they don’t care.

Or is it that the Indian Government since December 2012, has not been able to put up a strong message that such nuances won’t be tolerated. Post we witnessed the most horrific crime against Jyoti Singh (why should we change her identity to Nirbhaya without her permission) there have been many such similar unfortunate cases which were supposed to be hidden as per Government’s directives and hence came up on the 3rd or 11th pages on our newspapers – the one in Odissa which happened within a month after the death of Jyoti Singh (surprised? It came on the 11th page hidden down in a small column), the Kerala incident – no one even knows if the culprits were even caught, and now Asifa. Nah, not only three, there are many others ofcourse, just that the list is too long to be mentioned. For sure the Government has not been able to put up a strong message as if they did  there wouldn’t have been so many cases.

Above all such cases shouldn’t be connected with any political parties. This has nothing to do with BJP or Congress, both have not been able to tighten ropes in this regards. And we as people we take Twitter and Facebook to a storm and share our views which clearly shows the frustration and how helpless we feel. Unfortunately the next morning we get busy in our ‘roti, kapda and makan’ (daily routine for survival) which is quiet normal.

We want India to become like the U.S. in all ways but are we even close in the way that nation works and how their judiciary system is? The Guardian even published an article in 2012 Why is India so bad for women?

We are too far from being a developed nation as even today while we are leading in IT and educational options, a mother of any 8 year old girl today will just have one though in her mind, sending chills up her spine.

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