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Freedom from Diabetes makes your life sweet again


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Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s Freedom From Diabetes is based on this concept. Tripathi strongly believes that the lifestyle disease can be reversed via making the ‘right amendments’ in one’s lifestyle. Known for his unique way of dealing with diabetes, Dr. Pramod Tripathi  has already changed the lives of over 70,000 diabetics, who have reaped sustainable benefits from his unique food diets and unique and practical exercise sessions.


“Our programs gradually help our patients to make changes in their lives towards better health. We believe everyone should eat at their fullest but what you eat matters and that is what we suggest. We have our own cooking programs to show our patients the hundreds of tasty options with the abundant list of ingredients that we recommend”, says Dr. Tripathi.


This Pune-based wellness coach with over 19 years of experience specializes in diabetes management and helps diabetics live an insulin-free life by making fundamental changes in their everyday routine. His programs apply a contemporary approach to diabetes management which has been well accepted by diabetics as it gives them far more flexibility and options to eat from as compared to what has been followed for years.


May we all be free!

Dr. Tripathi and his team is the best example of learning with experience. Each patient also is a participant for a bigger cause. The treatment programs ensure all patients, their FFD mentors and Dr. Tripathi are connected a common platform so everyone shares their experiences. Through a group formed on the FFD app (Freedom From Diabetes) people contribute what works and what didn’t so other patients can also try it.


For the customized diet that the FFD patients follow it is essential that new recipes are innovated. Each participant shares the picture of his plate before every meal as directed by the doctor which helps in motivating everyone to follow the prescribed food categories and portion and also so that the assigned mentor can  check if any changes are required to the individual’s diet. New recipes and ideas also get shared on this group and people in group get cured rather than individually. And as they say

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Tipi Tipi Tap Tap

The favorite of everyone at FFD; a catchy rhythm, peppy words and a super effective exercise. It improve one’s lymphatic and blood circulation, says Dr. Tripathi.


For any diabetic when in sleep the blood circulation drops down. The rhythmic Tippi Tippi Tap Tap exercise which is a combination of a few steps that a patient needs to exercise to improve blood circulation works wonders and is followed by each FFD patient every morning.


Meet Dr. Possible

While Dr. Tripathi may sound like an old doctor in his 60s with grey hair treating patients in his clinic, our doctor here is the complete opposite. The handsome young doctor, known as Dr. Possible by many is a man in his mid 40s and is a fun person to talk to. He doesn’t talk like the most straight face doctors and his sessions are more interesting with his amazing sense of humor and the way he personalizing his chats with his patients.


An MBBS from B.J. Medical College, Pune and a professional diploma in diabetes management from Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, he possesses an advanced diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda and is a certified master NLP practitioner and an advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming–Kinesiology  (NLP–K) practitioner. Deeply inspired by the work of Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, world-renowned  specialists who  have  proven  “diabetes  is reversible” he formed the Freedom from Diabetes in 2011 with the intent of bringing the same awareness to the Indian masses. To restructure the traditional approach to diabetes management, he combined his research findings and created a unique diabetes management programme that would suit the Indian audience.


Basic, Foundation, Intensive, and  Transcendental Residential 

With foundation programs to a 1 week residential program, FFD gives you options to start with basics to adopt the new lifestyle. As part of the programme, Dr. Tripathi proposes simple but radical changes to individuals’ diet, exercise and mental habits to help the body heal naturally.


“Raw is the king and sprout is supreme! We follow this strongly in our programs and suggest a whole food plant based protein, mineral, vitamin and enzyme rich diet,” says Dr. Tripathi.


Tripathi uses spiritual learnings from his interactions with sanyasis, monks, yoga teachers, Ayurveda practitioners, health experts and higher divine souls and combines them with scientific findings to deliver a programme that offers a holistic approach to treating diabetes. For instance, his exercises are more practical and includes basics  like  stair climbing after two hours after a meal. Within  his programs there  are many sessions that  include meditation sessions, that help attendees release negativity and develop positivity.


Tripathi’s session other than giving freedom from diabetes, also help in losing weight, getting rid of BP, Cholesterol, thyroid tablets and an overall shift in ones approach to health and disease. He has worked with professional and the senior management of several renowned companies, including Cummins, ACC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Vodafone, Sony Entertainment and Tata BlueScope to help release stress and enhance individual well-being at both the personal and team levels.


Many media houses, such as DD Sahyadri, Zee 24 Taas Hitguj, IBN Lokmat and TV9, have covered Dr. Tripathi’s work and highlighted successful customer testimonials.

Future Goals

The passion of his life revolves around helping people feel and live a healthy lifestyle, and his ambitious goal is to bring down the diabetics number in India to below one crore by 2030.


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