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India Runs on ChaiPoint with Amuleek Singh Bijral


A chilly winter morning, a rainy afternoon or a sultry summer evening, nothing can be as comforting as a hot cup of tea for us Indians. As Chai Point’s founder Amuleek Singh Bijral says,

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An MBA from the Harvard Business School, Amuleek’s Chai Point sells more than 2 lakhs cup of chai every day from its 100+ outlets across all India. Chai Point ensures a quality and hygienic chai is served to its customer – the second most consumed beverage in the world and the most consumed beverage in India.

Founded in 2010 Chai Point today is in all major Indian cities and in and around IT parks. The location is well thought of to cater to the premium consumers and to provide them a place to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of hot brewed tea to help them drain out their work pressures. Not only tea, Chai Point’s elaborate menu offers a variety of tea options, palate soothing snacks and quality milk-based cold beverages as well.

What triggered the idea of Chai Point

While the Harvard Grad could have joined any corporate at a handsome salary or open up a B2B centric (business-to-business) venture, he decided to become a chai wallah! The idea of starting Chai Point struck Amuleek post he came back to India.

He says, “I always wanted to become an entrepreneur in the consumer brands segment but hadn’t decided on what I will venture into. It is when I came back to India I realized finding a coffee shop was ten times easier than finding a quality chai point – the beverage Indians enjoy more. And this is when he decided to open Chai Point, a better version of India’s nukkad chai stalls – better ambience, quality tea, technology driven orders and catering to the premiere tea lovers.

Amuleek candidly mentions his family’s reaction when he told them about his ‘chai’ ideamy mother said if you had to sell chai why did you go to Harvard for MBA? His family supported him completely as they knew he would have done his research well before deciding on this venture.

Initial Hiccups

While he had enough support and money to build Chai Point, he faced challenges in getting his junior staff. The customer facing staff at the outlets and delivery guys didn’t want to be called chai wallahs. Getting connected to a brand that sells ‘just chai’ and not ‘beer or coffee’ wasn’t a pride for the young members of his team perhaps. However Amuleek didn’t give up and he spent a lot of time and money in employee engagement activities.

Amuleek says, “The customer facing members of any company need to be the one most convinced of why their company is doing what it is doing. If they are not convinced, that uncertainty reflects on their behaviour and the customers can read their mind”.

Soon people from giants such as Starbucks, Pepsico and Oberoi joined Chai Point and it is approximately a 1000 people team now! He shares that when they just started and when customers walked up to the counters to just say “thanks”, it was a great feeling and he became sure with every ‘thank you’ that he was indeed on the right path.

Chai Point’s Contribution – both to its Consumers and to the Environment 

“With great power comes greater responsibilities”. Amuleek believes in this famous quote from the movie Spiderman. He ensured his business doesn’t harm the environment in anyway and hence more than the 60+ delivery scooters he has are all electric to avoid any pollution. The chai flask is made up of heat resistant bio-degradable disposable flasks.

Amuleek says We keep a constant check on our waste management to avoid effecting the environment in any way. I am glad people today prefer brands that are sensitive to the environment”.

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Future Plans

Amuleek Singh plans to open up Chai Point outlets outside India in the near future but he says there is still time for it as India needs more chai to run and there are many cities that are waiting for quality chai!

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