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Making us great students in the school of life – Narendra Goidani, Founder – Life School

A life coach, parenting guide, trainer and modern age philosopher, Narendra Goidani is the founder of Life School, an institution focused on inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and explore their potential.

The Life School founder is a morning person and starts his day with a small payer and believes meditation is a channel for communicating with God. He is also extremely punctual in his day-to-day undertakings and tasks.

As a life skills trainer he has been conducting inspirational training programs for more than 18 years. He founded Life School in 2010, based on his personal experiences and hardships in attaining success. The institute was founded with the aim of working with and helping individuals recognize their potential and nurture it further. It strives to create an environment of inspiration that is built on experiences rather than on theories. Life School has developed multiple learning models and undertaken several initiatives to help people learn, live, and grow. The organization conducts inspirational programmes for people from all walks of life and across all age groups.

An excellent orator, Goidani is also a speaker at TEDx, a globally renowned platform for propagating “ideas worth spreading”. He has the magical ability of identifying talent and nurturing it.

“Like in a machine each part is important and plays its role, we are a very important part of this world and so is every other person” – this dialogue from one of his favorite movies is close to him and he totally believes in it.

A mentor to thousands across the globe, his long-standing life value revolves around – “Inspire or Expire”. Through his thought-provoking orations, motivational pieces and empathetic training, he has made a difference to the lives of many. He pens down a weekly article, “Life School Message” that, at the moment, has approximately 35,000+ subscribers.

“Keep Moving” was Giodani’s first book and a publishing best seller with 8000 print copies. It covers subjects and ideas from real-life situations to help people grow and live a meaningful life. In 2012, along with like-minded authors, he wrote another book, “Win Before You Begin”. In 2013, Goidani released “Keep Moving 2”, the sequel to his first book. Thereafter, in December 2013, he launched a collection of 12 books.

Goidani believes that the youth of India have the potential to take the country to its deserved position on the global level. To empower students towards this purpose, he started the “Keep Moving Movement”, a social initiative that is focussed on imparting gratis life transforming training to teachers and students in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. This initiative is steered by a committed squad of 200+ Life Schoolers, who are trained and experienced professionals under the guidance of Goidani.

Goidani is also the founder of WOW Parenting, an online parenting portal that started in 2001 as a simple workshop for parents. In 2015, the workshop went digital, and WOW Parenting was available online with a repository of parenting resources, including videos, articles, blogs and Q&As. WOW Parenting guides parents in becoming “wow parents” while having loads of fun in the process.

Born in a village in Rajasthan and brought up in Kolkata, Narendra Goidani is a dreamer and a people person. As an unflinching optimist, he is continuously striving towards building a better world for the generations to come, where everyone will have beautiful stories to narrate. He believes every individual has a duty towards the society, and a small nudge of inspiration can lead to greater heights of self-discovery.

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