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Sairose Mosani, Founder WhizzHR – A candid chat

We all have been that candidate once who keeps waiting  for a call from the recruiter. If they call the answer mostly would be  ‘Selected’! No one calls back if you don’t get selected anyway and you are left with your own assumption of what could have gone wrong during the interview.

This is what Sairose Mosani wanted to change. A Narsee Monjee Institute graduate and a Mumbai girl who worked as a recruiter for many firms. Over her tenure she saw a lot of scope in how the recruiters engaged with their candidates.

Here is a brief from an interview with Sairose Mosani, Founder of WhizzHR, a leading recruitment agency which focuses on the niche digital marketing industry and shares an amazing rapport with its candidates.

What gave you the idea to start your company?

Well it happened after I had spent a few years with ibs, I was good at my job but always felt I could do more. There are so many talented people around and so many opportunities that other companies may have. I didn’t want to limit myself to hire people for a single company. Above all I knew I could make a better connect with the candidates and not treat them as my reason for incentives. I come from a family of businessmen. The independence, the firmness in the decision was part of me.  I opened WhizzHR in April 2017.

Share a challenge that you faced in the initial days.

Well there were quiet a few as all start-ups would, like deciding on the right office location, finances etc. But to me the biggest was hiring – ‘the right hiring’. I had clear ideas of what kind of people I wanted for my company and I wanted to hire more than ‘just recruiters’. I wanted my team to have that intellectual and emotional depth within them to be able to show empathy with the candidate’s state of mind and situation. The candidate might have left without a job in hand because of unavoidable circumstances and might be worried, would have been laid down, or fired.

I wanted my collaborators to see people as human beings first and foremost, and then as someone who can get them incentives.

There are so many recruitment agencies. What is unique about WhizzHR?

The personalized connect that we have with all candidates makes us unique. We ensure that our candidates are informed at all times about the progress we make – a good news or not, the candidate deserves to know. Someone who is desperately looking for a job as may have none on hand is given a special attention and any jobs openings matching with his/her experience and degree is informed first to this candidate.

I have seen that long distance travelling not only takes a toll on health but also blocks the energy to be utilized at the right place. We have our own filters of the candidate’s home location and the job location. So location preference is given preference.

Above all for the past 8 months have only been working on references and it speaks a lot about the strong rapport WhizzHR has with its candidates and clients. Watch what WhizzHR clients say about them. 

What are your plans ahead?

We are in discussions with multiple universities and institutes to meet students of Mass Communication and Digital Marketing. We want to explain to them about what the future holds for them.

It is comforting to know that there is a recruitment firm which caters to a niche segment of Digital Marketing and can help them get into their dream company.

Sairose always believes in a quality life, job and education. She also contributions to the society to ensure a better quality education is given to all. She helps multiple associations financially who work with the underprivileged to get them access to quality education.

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