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Tanmay Bakshi – 13 Year Old IBM Watson Developer, TedEx Speaker, Trainer

Being recognized all over the world before your 20’s is common in the technological world. The case of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, is the example that it is no longer necessary to develop a professional career, full of experiences, to achieve success. However, it is still a truly remarkable achievement to accomplish this before age 15.

Tanmay Bakshi is considered a child prodigy since he has always showed great interest and ease for technology. Today, being only 13 years old, this teenager is a major software developer who has developed a wide range of applications and source codes. Click To Tweet

Born in India in 2003, he spent most of his life in Canada, where his father works as a programmer for a transport company and as a mathematics’ teacher. His father’s occupations inspired Tanmay to code at a very young age of five years.

“I was 5 years old when I got curious. My dad used to do a lot of programming. So that intrigued me. Then I started creating my first programs, such as displaying “Hello World” in the Windows bash command line. Later, I picked up more programming languages.”

Soon, the child prodigy began to make its own developments, which led him to become the youngest advisor of the multinational IBM. His specialties are cognitive computing, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“I code in my free time and love it so much that it helps me take my mind off things,” says Tanmay.

So much at such a young age

For Bakshi it is very important to share his experience and knowledge, he has over 12,000 followers on his YouTube channel – Tanmay Teaches, which is dedicated to programming and computer related tutorials where he also covers topics on artificial intelligence, algorithms, mathematics and science in general.

He is also the host of an IBM Facebook Live series, which is ‘Watson Made Simple with Tanmay’ and everybody loves it! “I want to become a better developer, write more books, deliver more keynote addresses and share my knowledge through my YouTube channel” he says.


The 13 years old is the mind behind Hello Swift!

In addition, he is the author of the programming book ‘Hello Swift’, an iOS programming app for kids and other beginners which teaches young readers how to program using the language while developing iOS apps.

The well-illustrated, step-by-step guide explains the programming concepts and explains concepts as basic as ‘what an app is’. It further trains the reader on developing complete apps. At the end of this book a reader will know everything about an iOS App Development.

The TEDx Stage

Tanmay is a Tedx speaker and has participated in several events around the world similar to TEDx. Listen to Tanmay’s views on how he created ‘the world’s first web-based NLQA system, built using IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities’. He wants to share his views and learning to more and more people and collaboratively help others grow and learn about the amazing coding ideas.

What’s next…

Tanmay says, “technology continues to advance. It is important to encourage the development of digital strategies and implement computer skills in school curriculum to introduce students to computer at an early stage.”

Tanmay decided to create his own way of teaching in the easiest and most self-paced way that currently exists – online. He wants to teach people and create more and more developers. “The world needs more developers”, says Tanmay Bakshi and he is adding his bit to do so.

One of the most valuable lessons this child prodigy has to offer is not about technology, but about how our educational system should help our children get ready for the real (and digital) world.

Little things make a big difference!

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