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Vaibhav Jain, Founder-StartupFlux

StartupFlux is a thriving Indian startup founded by Vaibhav Jain in 2017. Featured on Crunchbase and AngelList, the company provides a data intelligence platform that streamlines and centralizes research, monitoring, marketing and sales processes for companies of all shapes and sizes. With global startups and small businesses as its main market, the company offers a cost-effective suite of smart solutions, which due to the high costs involved are usually accessible only to large enterprises. Experts at StartupFlux meticulously curate the company data, analyse large volumes of news and blog feeds, leverage the publically accessible datasets, and develop smart tools to build a digital consulting lab for small businesses and startups to help them advance their business.

Here’s a tête-à-tête with CEO Vaibhav Jain and his journey with StartupFlux so far.

What gave you the idea to start StartupFlux?

In my experience in working with multiple organizations I had seen the need for a common platform that could connect all teams and end users to access the same data however allowing them to use it as per their business needs. I realized that while there were numerous platforms, they were using the same set of data for different use cases and eventually the end-user had to pay for multiple platforms. I sensed a potential opportunity here and decided to develop an integrated platform that replaces the multiple tools and could provide all info via one application.

Any specific challenges that you faced in the initial days?

There were indeed many but the two most challenging were hiring and staying motivated.

Self-motivation is the most important when you have left a high paying job and decided to start something from scratch. When your savings start running out, and you see yourself not reaching the milestones that you had created, you start doubting your decision. Keeping yourself motivated at this crucial stage is of most importance.

All entrepreneurs reading this would agree (laughs).

The second biggest challenge is to get the right people on board who are able to see the same goal as you. A challenge that I face till date is the absence of someone I could brainstorm with. Being a solo founder, I didn’t have a partner or team who could bounce off my ideas, correct me when I went astray, or most importantly help me set goals.

What is unique about StartupFlux? How is it different from others in the market?

At StartupFlux, we focus on 100% automation to completely eliminate human errors. We automate the minutest of tasks that have to be done manually. This is our USP. We offer a single integrated suite of a wide range of tightly integrated tools across research, monitoring, marketing and sales; only single digit companies can claim to have a product like ours. Also, very few companies in India are building data intelligence platforms, none of which are bootstrapped out of choice.

What are your future plans for StartupFlux?

We have pivoted from a products model to a solutions model. We are now building standalone and dedicated solutions for the sales and marketing teams of enterprises of all sizes. We want  to finish building the product features, stabilise the product and ultimately pivot back to the products model.

Can you let us know a little more about your personal background? 

I was born and raised in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on the suburbs of Delhi. I completed my schooling at Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad till the 10th standard. Thereafter, I joined Bansal classes, Kota to prepare for IIT entrance examinations. I pursued engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from PICT, Pune. Then I was with Symantec Software for 4 years in Pune as a QA/Automation engineer. Post Symantec, I joined the mobile security team at MobileIron, Hyderabad for another year, before quitting and starting my own venture.

Is StartupFlux involved in social contributions?

Yes, we conduct pro-bono technical training for potential students from not so privileged backgrounds. We train them to add skills to their educations degrees to increase their chances of to get jobs.

Do you have any childhood memories of moments that showcased your entrepreneurial spirit? 

Academically, I was always a bright student and was part of almost all school extra-curricular activities. Even at college, I headed the head of marketing and sales for technical events. So I was good at presenting and articulating my ideas. My achievements like reaching the World Semi-finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup and selection at IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) for a project I did, and back in the days, I built several innovative projects was a clear indication that I had something in me that clearly showed talent and the zest to do something different than the league. So you can say that the spirit of entrepreneurship has always been there in me, StartupFlux is the physical rendition of the same spirit.

Vaibhav says he is fortunate to have a great team who works day and night to make the company reach its goals and family and friends that support him no matter what and always pulls him up.

Learn more about StartupFlux here.

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