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10 signs you are an Entreprenuer


Being an entrepreneur is an attitude that not everyone has. Entrepreneurs are a race apart, people who think and act differently than others. They have the quality of selecting the right idea among many, at the right time and plan the right path to move ahead and nurture this idea to make it big.

Do you think you have the qualities of becoming an entrepreneur? Here are some signs that prove without a doubt that whoever owns them is undoubtedly an entrepreneur.

If you one of those who see the glass half full instead of half empty then you are on the right path. This is another characteristic of an entrepreneur – attitude full of vitality and hope.
Are you one of those who are confident in their idea? Entrepreneurs are very clear about their position and they remain firm in what they believe.
Entrepreneurs take control of situations and activities that they undertake. They are not people who can be relegated to a second place; they always have to be directing the situation.
If you are an entrepreneur you will be able to look beyond what others can see, find opportunities where others see nothing.
At your school fair or garage sale at home, where you able to sell all items instantly?
Stopping their studies to work and start earning money is something very common in entrepreneurs.
All entrepreneurs have a bit of stubbornness. They are firm with their ideas and stand by it.
Entrepreneurs are very social, and do not like solitude. They prefer to be in a group and to share ideas and thoughts. Their way of working contributes to getting the most out of all those around him.
An entrepreneur will always think in a different and ‘crazy’ way. In a way that no one else would have.
Many entrepreneurs learn to be independent directly from their parents. Their parents did not work for someone but had their own business and preferred to be their own boss. Although it is not necessarily a rule, what you see growing up, chances are high you become the same.
For sure you would have identified many characteristics in you from the list above however if entrepreneurs could be defined within a list they wouldn’t be an entrepreneur.  So if you have an idea, be confident and start working on it without worrying  about the failure and that is when you become an entrepreneur.

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