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Virtual Blood Donation- SimplyBlood by Kiran Verma | Blood Donation App

Throughout India, initiatives have been created to weave a network of blood donors to help save as many lives as possible by promoting blood donation. There are several groups working via multiple social channels to reach out to the needy on time. Unfortunately, we still hear many cases where someone passes away due to the lack of blood availability. Seeing your loved one die because of this reason (or any other) is a difficult experience to forget.
Kiran Verma used to feel the same and so he came up with the solution. By the idea of developing a blood donation app!

Thought about social contribution at the age of 7 

Kiran had to experience the helplessness of seeing his mother die of cancer when he was a child. This tragedy marked what would be one of the primary objectives in his life: try to save to as many people as he could. In this way over the years Kiran became a regular blood donor, hoping that his blood would help to save lives. He also created a group of donors that little by little grew until it became a community that helped many people save their lives when they went to lend their blood.

However, in December 2016, Kiran realized that his efforts were not enough as he learned that the blood he had donated at a Government hospital was being charged by the touts there and a lady had to pay 1500 rupees to get that blood for her patient husband. At that moment, Kiran realized that the black market of selling blood was another obstacle they had to fight to save lives.

That same day Kiran resigned from his job. And he had the support of his wife, who saw the determination. And also the importance of the work her husband was going to undertake. Kiran began working towards creating a database of blood donors.

Using technology to contribute better

His initial team used to work via What’s app before Kiran decided to create a dedicated app for quick turnaround time. In January 2017, Kiran with few developers launched the SimplyBlood mobile app. It is a virtual blood donation app. The app stores the information of all blood donors and at the same time (via GPS) tracks the location of the person who registers on the app – be it a new donor or a needy.

In case of a needy, as soon as the person puts the application for blood, all the donors nearby get a notification. If there is none available, the request is transferred to the manual support where the database is accessed and the support team helps in finding the donor. According to Kiran ‘to guarantee that the blood will not be sold to the patient, the donor can contact the patient directly’ in this way they make sure that the blood will go where it should be and without any charges.

Above all the app has been made secure and no data of the donor can leak out. Even the person in need cannot see the complete data of the donor. While the donor can see all information about the person in need to ensure he reaches out at the earliest.

The virtual donation program already has 1,20,000 users database. And the app is already being used in 18 countries. Which certainly demonstrates that Kiran’s idea of blood donation app and determination paid off.

The future – 1 Life 1 Rupee

But his path has not been easy; Kiran and his wife were forced to sacrifice part of their income and lifestyle. In order to facilitate assistance to those who needed it. Kiran started working half-time recently to meet the needs of his family. But still continues to devote most of his time to his initiative.

But he realized that in order to continue and help many more people he needed money. So he decided to create crowdfunding to request the necessary funds. So as to expand his application and reach more people in need. Kiran says, “The project is called 1 Life 1 Rupee where we are urging everyone to just donate 1 rupee. Just 1 rupee from everyone will be a lot”. He says he wants to raise funds further similar to how Wikipedia does, every month.

Click here to donate to Simply Blood’s 1 Life 1 Rupee fundraiser.

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