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Coolie Struggles to bear the weight of his daughter’s life-saving expensive treatment | Ketto | Social Stories |



Every night I look at my bank balance and whisper a prayer that it will show me Rs 18 lakh that I need to save my girl. Barely a month after my son was cured of thalassemia major, my daughter was diagnosed with the same disease.

Coolie struggles to bear the weight of his daughter’s expensive life-saving treatment. Treatment that costs 18 lakh! No burden is greater than the weight of my inability to arrange cost for my daughter’s bone marrow transplant and to save my… Click To Tweet

Help Selvi play again

Selvi loves playing kho-kho. Nothing gives her more joy than sprinting around the field. Also, she likes to tag her friends as the next ‘denner.’ However, every 15 days, she has spent her day in the hospital.  Consequently, she had to skip school and play time. Ever since her 2nd birthday, her life has revolved around hospital visits and tests. She is 7 years old now and still has to undergo painful blood transfusions to stay alive.

“The joy and happiness on her face when she plays just disappears as soon as we enter the hospital room and she sees the needles. Now she considers this to be a matter of routine which breaks our hearts.”- Asha, mother, quote.

In February 2014, when my elder son received a bone marrow transplant for his Thalassemia Major (A blood disorder involving lower-than-normal amounts of an oxygen-carrying protein), we assumed that the constant trips to the hospital would stop and we could go home for good. However, we were so wrong for just a month later our dear little girl was diagnosed with the same disease.

Selvi Ketto

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When our little girl first complained that she was feeling sleepy and did not seem excited to eat the chicken biryani I had prepared for lunch. I touched her forehead and as it was slightly warm and I immediately put the fan on fast and gave her medicines. As the doses had no effect and Selvi did not get better our minds flashed back to 2010 when our son Kaviyan had the same problems. We panicked and rushed Selvi to the hospital we had become so familiar with over the last 3 years. Throughout the journey we hoped and prayed that our daughter’s illness was different from that of her brother and its similar pattern was just a coincidence.

They told us that a bone marrow transplant was what would completely cure our daughter at the earliest- Asha, mother, quote

At the hospital, all we could do was wait. As minutes turned to hours a sense a dread began building up within us. We remembered that the doctors took an eternity to diagnose our son. It is horrifying that we’re doing the same with our little girl. The receptionist now knew us due to our frequent hospital visits since 2010. She counseled us to believe in God and have faith. Meanwhile, the doctors came and said to sit back. Their next words confirmed our fears.


This 7 years old needs your help

At that time we did not have the money for a transplant and could only afford her transfusion sessions. We were not in a position to ask for any more money from friends. However, we have just started repaying them for helping with our son’s medical bills. Now 5 years later doctors came to the conclusion. The results said that the bone marrow transplant needs to be an immediate action. Delay could lead to complication in our daughter’s life.

This treatment will cost Rs 18 lakh ($ 25,750) and we do not have that sort of money. Over the last few years, my husband has drained up. Every single rupee of his monthly salary of Rs 5,000 ($ 72) in treating our children. Click To Tweet

It crushes my husband to see us no closer to getting the money needed to save our daughter. – Asha, mother, quote

My husband works as a coolie where he constantly bears the weight of commuters’ luggage on his shoulders. However, none of that is as heavy as the burden he has been bearing for the last 5 years. We want to rescue her from blood transfusions and provide her with a normal life.

Selvi Ketto

Every night we look at my bank balance on my phone and pray with hope to see a little bit more next morning. This can help us get a bit closer to saving our only daughter. A small contribution from your end will go a long way in saving our little girl and rescuing us. Please help us.

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