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Our Sheros (she-heros) define Feminism in India | Shero


AllAbtYou captures the thoughts of women on 8th March 2019, the International Women’s Day. Sheros speak about what Feminism means to them. On the other hand, Feminism in India amplifies the voices of women and marginalized communities. Using tools of art, media, culture. In the same way use of technology, and community.

Feminism in India

Feminism is no more a right we fight for but a way of life. A life where you no longer seek approval for your actions. Where you have the courage and strength to deal with the consequences of your choices. Where you no longer need validation for how good you are. It’s reaching the highest level of self-belief where all are equal. And because of that, you also stop expecting special privileges. In the old traditional world, they consider men as providers and women as caretakers.

Mayuri – Consultant Organizational Capability Building, Animal Lover, Feminist, Mother

Opinions, Decisions, Equality – Base of Feminism in India

Rights to choose ‘n’ Breaking Taboos – Defines Feminism in India

Equal Opportunities ‘n’ No Gender-Based restrictions – Defines Feminism

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