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Google India shortlists startups for Launchpad Accelerator’s 2nd batch



Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program proceeds towards its 2nd batch with 10 of the finest start-ups from India. To name a few Opentalk Pvt Ltd, Kaleidofin, DheeYantra, Savera.ai, FinancePeer; who started their journey in Bangalore on 12th March. Click To Tweet


Google India announced the names selected for the next batch of Launchpad Accelerator Program. These start-ups will be thoroughly reconditioned for the market in a one week mentorship bootcamp by world’s renowned experts.

Furthermore, also for the months of April and May, Google has plans for them, which will be equally exciting and helpful. The selected start-ups are:


1. Opentalk Pvt Ltd
An app that allows a better networking with people around the world and also make new friends.

2. THB
Enabling healthcare providers to collate, organize and standardize data to drive clinical and commercial analyzed data and cases.

3. Perceptiviti Data Solutions

An Artificial Intelligence platform to ensure payment integrity, flagging of insurance claim, manage fraud and abuse management.

4. DheeYantra :
This cognitive conversational AI platform caters to the colloquial speech.

5. Kaleidofin :

A customized financial solution that includes a savings, credit and insurance modules that allow anyone to manage their finances better and reach real-life goals.

6. FinancePeer :
A Peer-2-Peer lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders.

7. SmartCoin :

Enabling credit access to the under served income segments through advanced AI/ML models.

8. HRBOT :

An AI and video-based app that allows selection of appropriate employable candidates remotely from T3 and T2 cities.

9. Savera.ai :
This service remotely examines the possibility of a solar panel on your roof and helps you make the informed decision.

10. Adiuvo Diagnostics :

A next level in Healthcare tech; an assessment of the wound’s infection.


Stay connected to AllAbtYou for the upcoming updates related to Google Launchpad Accelerator Program. We wish these unique start-ups all the best for this great opportunity.


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