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Google’s doodle on the 131st anniversary of the hole punch

The paper punch (also known as hole punch), fulfills 131 years of tireless work at the service of the human being. In case you were born in the cell phone era, the paper punch is a tool consisting of an elongated lever that drives circular blades to punch holes in the paper by means of pressure, a process that is often done to join several leaves with rings.

In simple words, it is a tool used to make holes in paper in a second!

As a tribute to his tireless work during these 131 years here we bring you some historical facts that perhaps you did not know:

It is not known who invented the first paper punch with accuracy. They exist since the second half of the nineteenth century. Apparently the first patent was in Massachusetts by Benjamin Smith in 1885. Frederich Soennecken in Germany is also known for inventing a paper punch in 1886. Some sources point to him as the inventor of the paper punch and today the general consensus attribute to the German inventor for his creation.
In the paper punch the mechanism is quite simple, and what is the most relevant in its evolution is the standardization in the distance between holes, which was achieved with the ISO standard (of the worldwide organization for standardization).
For what they have used the doubt was always how many sheets could be drilled at one time or we would have enough strength to do it, but the answer always gave us the same paper puncher.
Over the years the paper punch has been updated, changing the type of material used to create it, making them lighter and more compact. The only difference is that there are more types of holes now and they are shapes of stars, squares, half circles, etc.
Its mechanism and simple design made it an indispensable device. It is estimated that 92% of the offices in the world have at least one paper puncher. It is without a doubt one of the most used office tools in history. Despite having more than a century of continuous existence, it is still valid today in the technology era.
The paper punch is one of the most simple inventions but yet an important one. It has lasted for many years and is known and used around the world.

Happy Birthday Paper Punch!

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