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Abita Gets Seed Funding from Sky7Ventures | Healthtech Startups



Abita health care adds another feather of fame to the health-tech startups’ stories in India. This health-tech startup is based in Gurugram. It has recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed-funding led by Michigan-based early stage fund and global incubator Sky7Ventures. There is a list of other investors who participated as well. The list includes Vignesh  Ramanujam, investor and board member at Ritex, Younify, and Chaicup; Balasubramanian Sankaranarayanan, EVP Head, Thryve Digital Health, Navy Ramavat, managing director, Indira Securities; and Swapnil Mehta.

How it all started

They found Abita Healthcare by its three core members and they are Dr. Jatin Kakrani, Dr. Avi Ramavat, and IIM Lucknow Alumni Hitesh Kakrani. They began their health-tech startup with two clinics in Indore, MP in November 2017. In the year 2018 Abita started with six paid clinics and full-scale operations. Now the company has expanded its wings to 40 clinics across Indore, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Being encouraged by the flow of fresh funds, Abita plans to proceeds for further expansion in more cities.

Abita focuses on the healthcare sector in India as they found the country is lacking behind. In providing services like automated and optimized management of a practice for medical practitioners. The result is obvious.x. Abita has become a favorite among the entrepreneurs as it has become successful to think out of the box. Hitesh Kakrani, one of the founder members of Abita, explained that the company also has plans to expand its niche. By offerings to services where the inventory demand is heavy and constant like dermatology, dental care, etc.


The first product by the company Doc32 provides:

  • Data analytics on the Clinic’s performance.
  • Item-specific supplies inventory required for a month.
  • Doctor’s performance matrix.
  • System generated specific specialty patient health and hygiene score.

Apart from these benefits, Doc32 proves itself to be very helpful to doctors. It takes care of the doctor’s needs and requirements. Doc32 also takes into consideration consumer purchase pattern, time spent in the clinic, use of diagnostic equipment. In the same way, consultation pattern and many more. The funding is covered in more details at INC42

Abita’s latest technical back up provides the patient with a complete digital prescription that opens up with a synced flow of tabs as – Complain, History, Diagnosis, Counseling, Treatment, Prescription, and Invoicing. Click To Tweet

It plans to approach genuine practitioners and enable them to deliver better. To ensure that Abita is able to gain faith and recognition. Because ultimately every doctor wants to do the best for his patient. Abita looks forward to creating a wholesome integrated tech ecosystem for a doctor.

Expansion Plan

Abita healthcare has already tied up with companies like Epinlabs (Gift card/ code and subscription voucher generation). Likewise, with Vista Money (payment solutions) and Sinlkd (secure video conferencing). And the company is dreaming it big with the upcoming years. With rising middle-class and specialty healthcare service, expert physicians and an increased dependency on technology to facilitate healthcare. Abita has a widening opportunity to serve people with medical conditions.

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