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Houseome -The Interior Designing Company, meeting customer expectations

This week allabtyou brings to your vision about an interior designing startup company in mumbai -Houseome.

From personalized lights, wallpapers to customized furniture, get your homemade ‘awesome’ by the Mumbai-based Interior Designing company; Houseome. The company believes in getting your home’s interior done at a budget-friendly price without compromising on the final output.

The idea of making all homes awesome

Pradeep Singhvi, founder of Houseome comes from a CA background. He has worked with names like Raymonds, Capgemini, Times Television Network and Star Bazaar. While setting up his house in 2010 Pradeep Singhvi realized that the interior designers did not provide any transparency in the cost aspect and customers like him were given no details on the progress of their home’s interior as well as the material used. He finally decided to solve this challenge and introduced Houseome to home lovers like him.

“I wanted to introduce fresh interior decoration ideas to my customers which were beyond the glittery lights and wallpapers. The Houseome team plays with options that increase the fresh air and natural light inside the house and furniture that could be used as storage as well. The idea is to keep it minimalist yet beautiful, comfortable and cozy”, says Pradeep.

Pradeep started Houseome with an initial investment of Rs. 15 Lacs out of his own savings and recently got an investment of 50 Lacs from an Angel Investor. Pradeep has invested most of this amount in enhancing the customer experience.

Initial Hiccups…

The founder recalls the challenges he faced when he started – there was a huge gap between what the customer wanted and what was being delivered. Almost everyone above a middle-class family wants to get their home decorated and there are decorators who will do it for them. While the decorators charge a bomb the final output most of the time doesn’t match with the initial requirement. Or the home looks so cluttered with unnecessary items added in the name of ‘getting interiors done’ that the house looks even smaller. There are huge bills that the customer ends up paying for something as unnecessary like a huge ‘jhoomar’ which doesn’t even fit in all houses. This is the problem he wanted to fix.

“At Houseome, the first step is to understand our customer’s requirements. After giving them a realistic cost estimate of the work and timeline to complete the project, the designing begins. The dummy design is shown to the customer, an approval is taken and that is when the actual work starts”. Pradeep says, “It helps us in closing their requirement on time and expedites execution without the fear of not meeting expectations.”

Customer satisfaction is a process at Houseome

When a client describes his dream home to Housome, the team captures the requirements and uses virtual reality to show dummy interiors to its customers. They are able to create a clear checklist of what the customer wants and what isn’t preferable. Even details of what each family member likes or dislikes get noted easily when the VR dummy interior video is shown to the family. This helps in saving time by cutting down on iterations and helps the Houseome team to focus on clear directives.

There are checks at all levels to ensure customer satisfaction. Houseome’s online feedback form rates the designer on the first meeting. It helps keep to a check if the designer was able to understand the customer’s requirements and gave appropriate suggestions. If the feedback score is lower than the benchmark, Pradeep himself goes to meet the customer. They have similar defined processes to control the quality of service. There are project tracker reports, stringent quality controls and identified good contractors who can provide skill work within specific timelines.

The future looks Dream Home ready

Within a year of launch, Houseome- The interior designing company has managed to complete 20 projects worth Rs. 7.8 mil and are working with more clients. Pradeep shares, “Our biggest achievement is clocking revenue of Rs 21 Million in less than 18 months of launch and a growth rate of nearly 100 percent. It is a great achievement considering that we are competing with well-funded start-ups and have our own clientele.

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