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India is making the world turn greener – Indepth | Green India

  • India stands second worldwide in adding the Green Cover.
  • Agricultural Greens, although being mostly periodic, are also considered to contribute to the Leaf-covered area.
  • The amount of fertilizers being used is the highest in the two leading countries, China and India.


The Vegetation on the Land (or Plant Cover) is been continuously increasing in the past couple of decades in all over the world. India and China are leading this effort of making a better world. This can clearly be seen from the images captured by NASA satellite imagery. While China added 17.80% green coverage, India added 11.10% as per the data received.


India stands seventh in the list of largest countries in terms of area.  And with an 11.1% increase in vegetation, India surpasses all the countries which are above in the list. Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Australia except China being in the first position with 17.80%.


Europe’s green cover

Europe has the largest overall Leaf-covered area. And stands third in the list of countries increasing vegetation in the past couple of decades with 7.78% of vegetation worldwide. Another report compiled by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Food and Agriculture Organisation some time back indicates that Russia is last on the list of countries, where the forests are shrinking at a faster rate, 1 mn hectare per annum.


In the list, Europe is followed by Canada with 7.13%, Russia with 6.62%, Australia with 5.62%. The USA with 4.55% with Vegetation in from 2000 to 2017 with above or slightly above the average which is 4.10%. The list further goes on with Mexico with 4.07%, Argentina with 1.7%. Brazil with 1.54%, DRC with 1.34% and Indonesia with 0.83%.


The affected Amazon Rain Forests

The Earth Greening mission includes both reforestation and agricultural activities. Brazil, the home to Amazon rainforests, stands in the bottom of the list. Even with the accountable increase in agricultural land. Due to the significantly corresponding loss of forests. The two-thirds of the newly vegetated Land which is roughly 65%, is out of agricultural activities, which in turn signifies that “Deforestation” is still a problem left unsolved.


India’s Increased Green Cover Vs. US vast lands

India and the United States of America both contribute a similar amount of 6.8% of the net increase in Green cover worldwide. But the fact to be noticed here is that the USA has three times more vegetated land than India (which is 2.7%).


The Global Green Leaders

Talking about the Global leaders, China (17.80%), the increase in vegetation is derived from both agriculture and reforestation. China makes almost 42% of added greenery through reforestation and 32%from agriculture which comparatively is a respectable ratio.


On the other hand for India, the added greenery is more of agriculture than reforestation 82% of India’s contribution to the new vegetation is through agriculture, which can never be truly considered a good thing with knowing the fact that India even leads the world in usage of fertilizers which is, in turn, reducing the quality of soil due to its chemical components.(source)


While there are many CSR activities and NGOs involved in increasing the number of trees in India, we as individuals can contribute to creating the green cover.


Many initiatives also allow you to help grow a tree remotely too.

Stay tuned to know more.

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