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Kaff Zanzira, as an NGO has instituted a rehabilitation program for women ex-prison inmates by providing them opportunities to rebuild their lives after prison. The program under Kaff Zanzira encourages these women to find meaning and purpose in their lives by offering them incentives to develop their skills by tending to the earth and becoming one with nature.

India’s 1st Eco-Rehabilitation Program

This approach started in August 2018 at a women prison to run a pilot and see how the female prisoners responded to nature-based rehabilitation and training. It is India’s first eco-rehabilitation program honing nature-based skills for incarcerated and released prisoners. Click To Tweet It was conducted at a 65-acre forest farm called Vanvadi and carried out in partnership with VARHAD (Voluntary Action for Rehabilitation and Development), an NGO based in Maharashtra specializing in the area of prisoner rehabilitation and working towards their welfare.

The transformation of prisoners into Yoginis and Athletes

The participants were trained in a multitude of tasks such as farming, constructing structures with available natural resources and making eco-friendly products. They even learnt how to grow a native forest. They psychologically benefited a great deal from the counselling element program as it helped them overcome past trauma and emerge as more confident and skilled people. The health conditions of prisoners who suffered from physical ailments and menstrual issues vastly improved as proper nutrition and physical activity were core mandates of the program and had to be strictly observed. The women prisoners were taught yoga, dance, sports and enjoyed races while running barefoot. Click To Tweet The program furthered their holistic training by equipping them with basic alphabet and arithmetic skills to boost their educational prospects.

Spiritual well-being was promoted through meditation and enlightening group discussions on worldly topics such as beauty and personal hardship in peaceful and picturesque surroundings. Values such as compassion, empathy, acceptance and non-violence were instilled in them to help them grow as better human beings and find balance in their interpersonal lives.

Re-entry of Prison Inmates to Society

Active discussions on crime and social justice were initiated to spread awareness about their plight. The program has facilitated the re-entry of inmates to society and highlights the need for their inclusion by appealing to community conscience. It has given them a second chance by involving them in noble jobs of taking care of the earth and ensuring that environment sustainability becomes a reality. It has helped them find peace and come out as strong individuals ready to take on the world. Read more about it at Ketto.


Ketto funded Khabar Lahariya, the news wave is the only women run newspaper in the villages of UP and Bihar.

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