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The most remarkable happenings take place in the unlikeliest of places. The districts of Chitrakood, Banda, Mahoba, Varanasi and Faizabad districts of Uttar Pradesh and Sitamarhi district of Bihar are proud to boast an all-women team of journalists. The newspaper is called Khabar Lahariya which translates to ‘news waves’. The venture was initiated by Nirantar, a Center for Gender and Education in 2002 and the readership number has increased considerably to 80, 000 ever since its first run. It has enhanced the percentage of newly literate readers in rural areas.

A newspaper with a very unique idea behind it and the one of its kind to reach readers in areas with low media penetration and reach.

About Khabar Lahariya – The News Wave

Khabar Lahariya is a singular newspaper that reaches out to people in rural communities and keeps them informed on current affairs and relevant information in their own local language. It is the only newspaper that comprises of an all-women team of 40 barefoot reporters, photographers, editors and hawkers who travel and deliver news to the doorsteps of readers in remote villages. Khabar Lahariya has a language range of over seven local languages circulated in 600 media-impaired villages. It has 6 print editions and an online website making it the only newspaper to share news in local languages. Click To Tweet It addresses the wide range of social issues faced by the villages and discusses changes in areas affected by poverty, hunger, drought, corruption and violence.

What triggered the thought

Khabar Lahariya was born in  the year 2002 to empower women and ensure their independence by promoting literacy among them. It did so by producing simple and lucid content in local languages. As it was written by women it became more relevant to the women readers as they could relate to it. The idea became so successful that it grew and extended to other villages and recruited women reporters from the local population to cover eye-catching stories. The accurate and shrewd reports have cemented its position as a local watch-dog and has been able to raise about significant problems in the communities and expose corruption and violence. The management and editorial team strictly consists of women and sticks to its unwavering policy of publishing news to uplift the impoverished and disadvantaged.

One of its own kind – Run by Low-Caste Women

Khabar Lahariya has been applauded and recognized as the only newspaper to be fully managed and marketed by low-caste women which talks volumes about its progressive ideology of trans formative education. It enables news from rural UP and Bihar accessible across the country and the world. It has truly established itself as a vehicle for change in these marginalized areas and will continue to rise steadily to achieve its noble purpose.


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