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Future of Preschool Education-FlintoClass | Startups Stories India

==This week Allabtyou is adding up one more to the section of startup stories in India. We are in a fast-changing world, so fast that a leading technology today becomes obsolete the very next day.

As individuals, we are constantly upgrading and updating ourselves to survive and be at par with the rapidly changing technology. Experts all over the world are calling it the VUCA world; Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.


In a scenario like this, the early education system, which builds the foundation for an individual, becomes very important. Studies confirm that 90% of brain development happens before the age of 6. Unfortunately, in India, the preschool penetration stands at less than 10% as compared to developed countries where it is anywhere between 90% -100%. It is important to have a fresh look at the curriculum. So as to prepare the preschoolers for a dynamic future, driven by technology.

FlintoClass – preparing children for the dynamic world


Chennai-based startup FlintoClass delivers high-quality early childhood education and accelerates the growth of preschools. So as to simplify the process of running them.
FlintoClass has professionally designed the education keeping in view the needs of the children who will grow into adults in this automated world. They design the curriculum based on a framework inspired by popular teaching methods. Such as Waldorf Education System and Play-way method.

“FlintoClass is a revolutionary preschool system that lets entrepreneurs build a profitable and world-class preschool”, says CEO and co-founder of FlintoClass, Arunprasad Durairaj.


FlintoClass and its products resonate with every child, parent, and teacher. It improvises the way existing preschools teach children. As well as helps Edupreneurs in setting up preschools with a play-way methodology.


Curriculum for play-way learning


They have made the curriculum in such a way that children can connect to the real world. It includes language, rhymes, stories, and activities keeping relevance and usage in mind which keeps children stress free. It aligns the course delivery, classroom environment, and curriculum using speed up learning techniques. In such a way that retention and learning are enhanced effortlessly. Such activities enable children to connect concepts creatively to real-life scenarios. For example, as per the curriculum when the students learn about vehicles, they get to build their own vehicle and play creatively with them.

They use the concept of multiple intelligence and interweave all activities in such a way that even a single activity or concept learned is used. And also experimented in multiple ways to enable maximum development and learning. The entire curriculum focuses on physical, language, cognitive and social and emotion development.


A complete package for your preschool


Each FlintoClass package includes an hour-wise and day-wise schedule and a plan. Along with all the necessary materials required to execute the session. It is one complete package that helps a teacher execute the complete academic year. Having a major focus on the students rather worrying about the execution of the syllabus related plays. In addition to the monthly kit, FlintoClass also provides 360-degree support, training, and guidance to its partners throughout the year.


They design flintoClass after extensive research by educational experts. Experts from the education sector and child psychologists have ensured the alignment of the curriculum, books, decor, material used. Also, they do teacher’s delivery style, documentation and even assessment of a child. Using the latest technology to create the maximum learning opportunity for children

This latest advancements and research in accelerated learning makes FlintoClass one of the most comprehensive and holistic early education. This can help a child develop a strong learning foundation and life skills. Enabling them to stay ahead in a fast-changing world. Startup stories in India like FlintoClass are started with visions to achieve.


Ask for your FlintoClass box today.

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