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Bengalureans build Robotic Chef | Inspirational Startups Success Stories


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Staying out and need ‘maa ke hath ka khana?’, want to impress your wife with helping in the kitchen. But cooking is like rocket science to you or the same old fight with your cook? From the box of inspirational startups success stories, this week Allabtyou introduces you with Robotic chef built by Bengalureans.

Either be your situation,  it can now be solved by a click of a button. Thanks to technology; you can automate cooking too. Two men from Bengaluru have invented a robotic chef. That can make more than 100 dishes, just the way you want it.

Here is how it works

This ‘mechanical chef’ is actually a robot. This tabletop machine can start cooking once you put the basic ingredients of the dish you wish the robot to cook for you. A giant-sized funnel is used for putting the key ingredients inside the machine. You can put everything, from oil to vegetable, from spices to water, but all in pre-measured quantity. A spatula that is already fixed inside the machine will start mixing all the items gently. The machine does boiling, stir-frying and tempering. Deep-frying, grinding and pressure cooking aren’t covered yet. There will be instructions preloaded in the machine about how to cook. So the commands can easily be given from anywhere, at home or directly from the office using a laptop.

Leaving from work and hungry? Want Garma garam bisibelebath? Command your tech chef from your laptop as it will take 25 minutes to cook anyway, the same time when you will enter your home. Click To TweetThe duo who crafted this wonder machine

Two young men, after going through numerous calculations, algorithms and machine drawings, many food trails and spending over lakhs, Cohan Sujoy Carlos, (in his 40s) and Arpit Sharma (in his 30s) have developed this machine. By profession, Cohan is a former machine learning researcher at Microsoft. And Arpit is an aerospace engineer who has worked on the moon rover at TeamIndus.

What is the story behind the birth of the wonder chef?

The idea of developing a robot chef came to Carlos’s mind when a female colleague complained about how cooking took hours from her daily time. With Arpit joining Carlos, all the mechanical roadblocks were solved and the idea could be seen in actuals.

The duo is primarily preparing the machine keeping in mind working women, homemakers, anyone who doesn’t like spending much time in cooking or people who are not fond of outside food. At the same time don’t wish to cook on their own. As of now, 100 recipes are already preloaded in the machine, and once all the final tests are done, the machine will be connected to the home Wi-Fi.

The future aspirations!

Arpit and Carlos are looking forward to bring to their potential customers a better version of the robotic chef that will include voice commands will have the ability to store spices. They also hope that the newer version will have a microwave-like setup and will be able to load personal recipes of the respective customer.

As reported by the Bangalore Mirror, the robot can already make Upma, Tomato Rasam, Chole Masala, Matar Paneer, Dal Tadka and everything in between. The machine clearly shows that it can make tasty Indian food while easing off the burden of cooking from many hands. The duo is committed to making people fall in love with the robot in the most delicious way possible!


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