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Bare Necessities on a Zero-Waste Journey | Waste Management Project

Waste management project with some really new and workful ideas are the need of an hour.

Road-sides, in lanes or national highways, a beach, a mountain trek, parks and gardens, lake-side camping, a beautiful rail journey or just daily commute; which out of these varied places have you been to and not seen a food wrapper, plastic… Click To Tweet

We know the expression on your face. Not great memories, right?


The world is not a plastic-free or a waste-free place. And we have witnessed that many a time the initiative taken for waste management project is being neglected. In such a case, what matters is what WE do about it to make it better. Sahar Mansoor, the founder of the home care and personal care brand, Bare Necessities  has raised the expected amount via Ketto’s crowdfunding to support the cause in her zero-waste journey.


A Unique Team

Sahar has made it her mission along with a team of five other women. The mission was to eradicate plastic wastes and other harmful substances from all cities. One of the unique aspects of the enterprise she runs is that it comprises of only women. And she not only encourages but also supports the employment of women from local communities in Karnataka. Also, they provide jobs to young and fresh college graduates interested in pursuing a career in the environmental realm. They train the women in basic inventory management and English, to uplift their skills and improve operations. These women take special care in designing and handcrafting all the products themselves.


Sourcing and Packaging

All the produced products have organic ingredients sourced from different regions across the country. Also, they source the raw materials from the choicest of places, each renowned for growing specialized ingredients, thus improving quality. They do the packaging for the products in bio-degradable and recyclable packaging. So as to help reducing the amount of unwanted waste accumulating in landfills.


Plan ahead cause you always need a bag for your impulse purchases!

Posted by Bare Necessities – Zero Waste India on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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Joining Hands with the Government

Sahar and her team aim to collaborate with the government. To streamline waste collection systems and implement efficient waste segregation systems across cities. In order to improve the quality of life of workers in the waste collection area. Sahar stresses on the need for official support to carry out these measures. Subsequently, to save costs for impoverished workers and reduce transportation costs for cities as a whole. A monumental change in this area has been the dialogue started by civil society groups working with waste collectors. In order to plan policies to address and promote the needs of the sector. They have discussed positive reforms such as issuing the waste collectors ID badges, providing them with sorting and storage space, providing them with their own helpline number in case of emergencies and arranging doorstep pickup and delivery services for convenience.


In the upcoming months, Sarah is looking forward to growing her team. To develop and refine their existing products and create new ones to expand their impressive repertoire. They are in the process of filing trademarks for some of their more innovative products. Read more about this initiative click here.

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