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This week Allabtyou shares an article flaunting Women empowerment – Victory of Manasi Joshi, a Para-Badminton champion.


2014 – National silver losing just to an Arjuna Awardee;

2015 – World championship Silver Medal;

2016 – Asian championship Bronze;

2017 – World championship bronze;

2018 – Thailand International Bronze…

Manasi and other Para-Badminton players win 9 medals including 4 gold at second Fazza Para-Badminton International on April 8th, 2019. Click To Tweet

Sounds inspiring?

This is the track record of a Para-Badminton player Manasi Joshi, who lost her left leg in an accident in 2011.

Manasi is one of the few people who have enough courage to continue her life with the same interests. And expertise even after facing an amputation, not a smaller one but losing her leg.

Winning Continued from 2 legs to 1

Manasi Joshi is the daughter of a retired scientist. She had it in her genes to not give up and that is exactly what she did. Soon after the struggle of getting on her feet rather on one foot and a prosthetic leg, she again started practicing badminton. She ended up repeating her record of winning a gold medal but this with only one leg, which gave her enough confidence to enter the nationals for Para-Badminton.

In the first-ever tournament itself, Manasi made it to the finals. Although she did not win the finals and ended up getting the silver medal, she proved another great statement, ‘Losing to the great people is also an inspiration’.

2015 Para-Badminton World Championship

The very next year in 2015, with her partner Rakesh Pandey, Manasi won Silver in the mixed doubles Para-Badminton World Championship. And since then the legacy is still on.

2016 Para-Badminton Asian Championship, women’s singles, and doubles bronze medal, then there was a personal Bronze medal in 2017 women’s single Para-Badminton world championship and in 2018, there was again a bronze at Thailand Para-Badminton International in women’s singles.

Coach, Pullela Gopichand

When a success story is narrated, it is important to mention the person who keeps the motivation high. Manasi Joshi and her family have great respect and gratitude of Sir Pullela Gopichand who has been her coach and took her across all those tournaments. It’s a sign of a great player rather a great human being to accept and take efforts for another person,

Manasi Joshi is currently on #3 in world rankings in SL3 class Para-Badminton. Manasi soon aims to be the #1 and we should support that.

Just good to know a piece of information is that while Manasi is #2, the #1 place is also held by an Indian and Arjuna awardee Parul Parmar which definitely is a thing to be proud of for all of us.
Such an article of women empowerment surely will boost the upcoming youth to accomplish their goals with no fear.

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